26 April 2012

Beautiful Greeting Cards for YOUR MOM! (and other occasions)

Mother's Day is coming - SOON!  Indie Lulu Living is here to remind you now because these occasions have a way of sneak up and before you know it... and besides, not only do you want to find that "perfect something" for Mom, but you've got to factor in mailing time.  So we're just sayin'...

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First you'll need a pretty greeting card for Mom and we have cards! We have two types of cards, blank all occasion photo greeting cards from a local Osoyoos photographer and then there's our new line of vintage graphic cards by local artist Barbara Derksen.

We are going to focus on the graphic design cards today because we just received Barbara's line of Mother's Day greetings.   We have three different versions which are sure to please Mom - these cards are blank inside, protected by a clear envelope.  We've provided an optional sentiment with double sided tape on the back so you can choose your card to be blank or add the greeting.

You might even consider going the one step further then you're going to desire for your Mom to have this darling memo, photo or card hanger from Lazy Susan so she can display your cards in a place of honour in her home.  

Of course you're wondering about the shelving and vases - the shelving is for display only at this time but these beautiful hand blown seed glass vases are for sale right now and an ideal gift (with a bouquet inside) for your special Mom.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's feature - Cedar Mountain Studio Art Blocks (you can glimpse them behind the iris in the first photo)

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