21 April 2012

First Post!

What IS Indie Lulu Living?

Named for owner Susan Baldwin's daughters India Beatrice and Lucie Rose,  Indie Lulu Living is a new store located in Osoyoos in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  Osoyoos is a little hotbed of activity for our many tourists and Indie Lulu Living was born out of a need for "just our type" of store.

We have been open since March 3 rd, 2012 and are growing and evolving.

When first time visitors arrive we can audibly hear the intake of breath upon some discovery of a treasure dear to the heart or invoking a cherished memory.  Upon departing we're always sure to hear "Your shop is PERFECT for Osoyoos!"

You may want to hit the "Follow" button for our blog because you're going to get a whole lot of inspiration and ideas from our shop in the coming days.  Because our store is "living" it means there will always be something new (or used in the case of vintage) to discover.

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