4 May 2012

Beautiful Domes

You may have admired these beautiful mercury base glass domes in our window display recently at Indie Lulu Living.  These are perfect for displaying and protecting your most beautiful and precious articles from family treasures to our fabulous Okanagan cheeses!

We've chosen to display some of our porcelain pomegranates and paper butterfly garlands inside. What treasure will YOU choose to feature under glass?

The smaller dome is approximately 16 inches tall and complements the larger 20 inch tall one.  

We've a sweet story to share today, seems we had a young shopper in mid-week.  We mustn't say names because this was a very clever young lady who was having some trickery going on with Bridget and Susan. I heard this young girl was shopping with Mum and Dad, one of whom a gift was intended for ( hm, what holiday is fast approaching?), so she had some products being discretely palmed to Sue behind her back so that the lucky family member was unawares.  Could this be Mother's Day sneakery ?  We ♥ this sort of behavior at Indie Lulu Living!  Makes us go Awwww

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