23 May 2012

Our Indie Lulu Kitchen

THE FINEST linen drying cloths, tasteful cake stand and  Barb Derksen's marvelous new "Preserve Posies" -  these are just a few of the products which which grace the beautiful country dresser at the  entrance of Indie Lulu Living.  

Our Irish linen drying cloths are large, measuring a full 34 x 21.5 inches and are hand-made by a local seamstress to the most exacting of standards.  

Only Irish Linen does the job does the kind of job you want to put the polish on your finest crystal and glassware. 

A delicious cake deserves something elegant to show it off!  This wrought iron-style metal stand comes paired with a white pottery serving plate.  

And as we live in the heart of Fruit Country, here in Osoyoos, British Columbia, we also like to capture the flavour of the Okanagan fresh off the tree in the way of preserves.  

You can't find our "Preserve Posies" anywhere else as they are designed and created exclusively for Indie Lulu Living by Barb.These are available for full mason jar sizes ($4.95) as well as the smaller pints ($4.50) and each "Posie" comes with a matching label for you to write your own information upon.  Even nicer is that each "Posie" is re-usable!  Be the hostess who gives the nicest looking preserves!

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