18 November 2012

At long last blog

Daily Wish! why not? it couldn't hurt. It can be a teeny wish, a heartfelt and fervent wish or a wish with whimsy, my blog, my rules. I will endeavour to figure out if I can add a feature whereby ya'll can respond with your wish (could be interesting).
So my wish of the day (since I just came up with idea at 4 p.m. in the afternoon on a Sunday sitting on the couch with the dogs and with Robert Palmer on the ipad thank you Peter darling), is this:

I wish I had Johnny and Mary as my ringtone. Simple, easily attainable and whimsical.

After months of not being able to get back into the blog here I am! So much that happened was blog worthy, so many pics of treasures found and sold! And the contest I wanted desperately to launch, so sorry all who tried to get details of this, I am hoping I can get this happening finally in the next few months; should it be part of my New Year's Resolutions " Do not make promises you cannot keep"? But I do promise to not be away for so long again. I have the password copied in several places and, note to self, nothing says "don't forget the password" like copying it down 43 times.
Well the past few months have been a real experience, but isn't everything? and what do you take away with you from your experiences? Lots I can tell you. And thankfully I have learnt it is never to late to teach the old dog a few new tricks! As a new business (which I operate about 98% all by mine own self) I am having to learn a few new tricks every day and to incorporate tools to become organised and functionally fabulous; notebooks, sharp pencils etc., (gold stars in the form of Champagne Friday's -thank you Trevor) Another of these tools is a classic, the clipboard! Check out theses wonderful clipboards from Papaya which have been purchased in at a super promotional price which are for sale at Indie Lulu for $9.95.

 I think I am going to keep one of each and hang them on the wall behind the till. As I tackle and deal with the work on each and the list of completed tasks falls away (I dream of tasks completed) I will be able to see them as an art collection! I really love clipboards and next to wearing reading glasses I find them indispensable especially when they are this pretty as this one, Voyager, is. And more on Papaya in future blogs, Anahata Katkin and mother Gina are a great inspiration to Indie Lulu...

The late spring and summer was crazy busy, for my first summer it was fabulous, lots of customers and sales, new friends, new stock, new product to look at for future purchasing and so many new ideas realistic and fantastical. I am continually inspired by feedback which I get from my customers and friends. Thanks to all of you who have shopped and supported me these past few months in the store Osoyoos locals, semi locals and holiday makers. Thanks for sharing your stories of your homes and projects and for bringing Indie Lulu into your lives and living spaces.
Indie Lulu is coming up for it's 9 month - aversary and kicking it into high gear for the Christmas season with new Christmas decorations, retro and vintage. Here is a look at a delight that greats you as you enter the store, this is the "look" that goes with the oft heard comment, "What smells so good" well folks it is Big Dipper Wax Works seasonal candles.We have scented and sculpted beeswax from 12 hour votives for $3.95 to large screen print lidded jars which burn 5 hours for $23.95. Try the Peppermint and Birch for an unusual and new fresh scent but remember, only essential oils are used in the premium candles, no artificial scents or fragrances and, as always, NO leaded wicks, only cotton. Pretty retro graphics too.

And more to come, thanks for looking in, Sue XX

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